Companies, Mergers and Acquisitions

As one of the biggest law firms in Turkey, we specialize in companies, mergers and acquisitions law, offering expert legal services to help businesses navigate a variety of commercial and organizational matters.

Our team can assist with preparing, reviewing, and amending contracts related to commercial relations, ensuring that your company is fully protected from legal risks. We can also provide legal advice on relations and disputes between partners, helping our clients resolve conflicts and maintain positive relationships.

We can assist in drafting, and if necessary, amending the articles of association, signature circular, and internal directives, ensuring that our clients corporate governance structure is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our legal team can also provide advice and assistance in board of directors and general assembly meetings, providing legal and procedural advice on key decisions and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

Our expertise in companies, mergers and acquisitions law also extends to advising on the duties and responsibilities of board members, helping to ensure that our clients’ company is run smoothly and effectively. We can also advise on company departments and relations between them and prepare any necessary legal infrastructure to help your business operate efficiently and compliantly.

We understand the complex legal challenges that businesses face in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing corporate landscape, and we are committed to providing practical and effective solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.