Retail Law

Our Retail Law Department is dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive and detailed legal support for all aspects of their retail businesses. With a team of experts in various fields, we collaborate to ensure our clients receive the highest level of legal services possible.

We provide prompt and detailed legal support for retail companies that have the largest market share, highest consumer sales, most extensive supply chains, and largest employment needs in our country. We pay attention to details while keeping an eye on the big picture to ensure our clients receive the correct, detailed, and prompt legal support they require.

We offer legal consulting, mediation, and litigation services for labor disputes at all stages, from employment contracts and company policies to human resources procedures and labor lawsuits, to meet our clients’ needs. Our expert attorneys help our clients navigate through the complexities of labor law, ensuring that their policies and procedures are compliant with the latest regulations.

We provide extensive support to our clients with commercial contracts and sample transactions that will protect their rights and benefits in business transactions with third parties such as procurement, renting, and sales. We prioritize standardization in our clients’ regular commercial activities.

Moreover, we provide consulting and support for our clients’ relationships with government and municipal offices for business licenses, building permits, environmental law-related permits and activities, and other permits and licenses related to retail activities. Our expert attorneys help our clients navigate the complex regulatory environment and obtain the necessary licenses and permits required for their retail businesses.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive legal services within the private label and contract manufacturing areas, with the full cooperation of expert teams in different fields of study such as intellectual and industrial property rights, contract law, consumer law, and commercial law. We help our clients protect their intellectual property rights and ensure compliance with applicable consumer and commercial laws.

We also provide detailed legal support and resolve consumer lawsuits by dealing with each consumer’s specific issues that arise from sales transactions in e-commerce channels and physical stores serving hundreds of thousands of consumers every day.

Furthermore, we provide foresighted and comprehensive consulting in the field of competition law. Our attorneys closely follow current developments and legislative changes related to the retail sector, providing support for compliance and preparation for legislative amendments starting from their drafting stage.