Rental and Real Estate Law

Our Rental and Real Estate Law Department offers comprehensive legal services to landlords, tenants, property owners, and real estate agents. Our experienced team of lawyers specializes in handling a wide range of legal matters related to the leasing and ownership of commercial and residential properties.

We understand that lease agreements can be complex and often require detailed legal examination to ensure that all legal requirements are met, and our clients’ interests are protected. That’s why we offer services for the preparation, examination, and revision of workplace, residential, and shopping mall lease agreements to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that their rights are protected, and they are fully compliant with all legal requirements.

We also provide legal advice and consulting on rental law matters, including the navigation of complex regulations, and making informed decisions. Our team is dedicated to keeping our clients up-to-date on changes to rental laws and regulations.

We are well-equipped to handle disputes related to eviction notices, sending notifications and warnings through notary public, and resolving disputes arising from lease agreements. Our experienced team of lawyers represents clients in lawsuits related to rental payments, initial rental prices, rent warning, eviction, compensation claims, negative declaratory actions, and other legal matters related to rental agreements.

Our law firm also takes care of initiating enforcement proceedings in case of non-payment/underpayment of rent on the due date and carrying out all legal proceedings, evacuation procedures, and collection of rent. We gather and present evidence in disputes related to lease agreements, represent clients at the mediation stage, and execute and conclude mediation processes.

Additionally, we provide legal advice and consulting on disputes with real estate agents/brokers in leasing transactions. Our team is also experienced in handling cases related to real estate law, such as dissolution of partnership, cancellation of title deed and registration, and other legal matters related to property ownership.

At our law firm, we are committed to providing effective legal solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs and requirements. Our team of experienced lawyers is dedicated to providing high-quality legal services and achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. With our comprehensive approach, our clients can trust that their legal matters related to rental and real estate law are in capable hands.